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The word “gumbo” originates from an African word for okra, kigombo, which shows just how important an ingredient okra was in the earliest gumbo recipes. Although the ingredients have changed and these traditional stews have drawn inspiration from various cultures throughout the world, gumbo continues to grow in popularity as an appetizer or main course. Our selection of gumbos and Cajun soup includes classics as well as surprising delicacies from all over the world, including mock turtle soup, Acadian seafood stew, crawfish bisque, andouille gumbo, and so much more. Explore our inventory today to soothe your soul with warm, liquid goodness.

Gumbo, as we know it, originated in Southern Louisiana, where okra was easy to grow. Okra became the typical thickening agent for gumbo recipes, but other essential ingredients have found their way into some of the most popular recipes for authentic Cajun soup. We proudly offer several styles of chicken and andouille sausage gumbo, each delivering a spicy and smooth experience for all. Mouthwatering meats are simmered in a rich stock and light roux that’s seasoned with a unique blend of Cajun Spices.

You would be remiss if you passed up an opportunity to try our unique seafood gumbos. We carry every combination you can think of! Sweet corn and crab bisque was born in the cast iron pots of Louisiana. We also offer a crawfish, corn, and potato soup that could be served as an hors doeuvre or a main entrée. Shrimp is another versatile ingredient that can be paired with corn, okra, crab stew, or on its own. Take a step back in time with Chef John Folse’s “olde tyme” baked potato soup. Looking for an easy fix for lunch while you’re at the office? We offer single servings of gumbo, soup, and choux to keep you going. is proud to be one of the leading suppliers of fresh and authentic Louisiana specialty foods. Explore our selection of Cajun soup and gumbos to discover the possibilities of your lunches, midweek meals, or appetizers. Try some gumbo file or gumbo roux in a jar


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