Louisiana Appetizers

Louisiana is full of flavorful main courses and succulent seafood varieties, but appetizers are an integral part of capturing the true Cajun experience. Explore our selection of Louisiana appetizers to unlock the subtle or bold flavor of this fascinating region. Our selection of Cajun appetizers includes an abundance of fresh seafood, specialty meats, stuffed vegetables, crispy bites, and pastries to drool over. Why wait for Mardi Gras to throw the Louisiana bash of a lifetime? CajunGrocer.com is noted as one of the most credible e-tailers by the Wall St. Journal and our shipping rates are the lowest when it comes to shipping perishable foods. Explore our selection today to maximize the potential of your weeknight meal, party, or backyard barbecue.

Our selection of Cajun appetizers provides plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy savory meat specialties without any guilt before suppertime. Boudin cake is an age-old delicacy that Louisiana natives and tourists alike enjoy at any time of the day. Our signature boudin king cakes are crafted with boudin, pepper jack cheese, syrup, pepper jelly, and bacon for a burst of ostensibly opposing flavors that will melt in your mouth. Stuffed bread is another staple of the South, and they are loaded with ground beef, mild peppers, and delicious pork sausage. Looking for something slightly less filling so you can save room for the main dish? Look no further than our miniature pies and empanadas with flaky white pie dough filled with premium meats, vegetables, and specialty spices.

As Louisiana transferred from French to Spanish control before the antebellum period, this mysterious region formed a blend of cultures that gave way to inspired cuisines, rich traditions, and intermingled languages. It should come as no surprise that Cajun cuisine continues to evolve and incorporate inspirations from international cuisines. Our boudin and crawfish spring rolls are some of the most unexpected Louisiana appetizers in our selection.

Looking for a healthier alternative? We also offer stuffed mushrooms or bell peppers, spinach and artichoke dip, seafood bites, and more. Enjoy something out of the ordinary by trying any of our first-class alligator products, head cheese, or seafood boudin. If you have any questions about our inventory, shipping, or creating an account, please contact a member of our team for further assistance today!

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Chef John Folse Fiesta Chili

Chef John Folse Fiesta Chili...

Description: CHEF JOHN FOLSE Fiesta Chili   Unit Size: 64 oz. (4 lbs.)   Check out our delicious..


Monica's Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Monica's Spinach & Artichoke Di...

Blend of magical spices and herbs with spinach artichoke and cream cheese. Serve as dip...


Cajun Original's Shrimp Pies (MINI) 64 - 2 oz

Cajun Original's Shrimp Pies (MINI) 64 -...

Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 400° F. Place pie w/pan directly on cookie sheet in oven for 20 t..


BIG EASY Pork Boudin Balls

BIG EASY Pork Boudin Balls...

For best results, deep fry while frozen. Perfect appetizer for any Cajun party. Good baked or fried...


Oven Grillers - Chicken Tickler 8 oz

Oven Grillers - Chicken Tickler 8 oz...

Spicy marinated chicken breast stuffed with pepper jack cheese and jalapeno wrapped with bacon and s..


Natchitoches Meat Pies (BITESIZE)

Natchitoches Meat Pies (BITESIZE)...

The Natchitoches meat pie is a traditional recipe consisting of a mixture of ground beef and pork, s..


Lena's Shrimp Stuffed Bell Pepper

Lena's Shrimp Stuffed Bell Pepper...

Description: Fresh green bell peppers stuffed with Louisiana shrimp (cooked), long-grain rice, chopp..


Lena's Crawfish Pies (BITESIZE)

Lena's Crawfish Pies (BITESIZE)...

Description: Miss Lena has been cooking for over 40 years for family and friends. Her crawfish pies ..


Hebert's Specialty Meats Stuffed Potatoes

Hebert's Specialty Meats Stuffed Potatoe...

Heberts (pronounced A Bears) Specialty Meats, located in Maurice, Louisiana, is home of the original..


Hebert's Specialty Meats Stuffed Bellpepper

Hebert's Specialty Meats Stuffed Bellpep...

Heberts (pronounced A Bears) Specialty Meats, located in Maurice, Louisiana, is home of the original..


CajunGrocer Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Crabmeat

CajunGrocer Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Crabmea...

Description: Great appetizer and easy to prepare. Simply batter and deep fry at 350 F degrees for 4..


CajunGrocer Jalapeno Pepper Stuffed with Crab

CajunGrocer Jalapeno Pepper Stuffed with...

Description:  These hand-picked jalapeno peppers are slightly breaded (flour) and stuffed with ..


CajunGrocer Crawfish Pie Bitesize

CajunGrocer Crawfish Pie Bitesize...

These bitesize crawfish pies are stuffed with fresh Louisiana crawfish and blending with Cajun seaso..


CajunGrocer Crawfish Cakes (BITESIZE)

CajunGrocer Crawfish Cakes (BITESIZE)...

Description: Louisiana Crawfish Cakes. Great appetizer item. For best results, pan suate or bake. Se..


Cajun Original Shrimp Cajun Bites

Cajun Original Shrimp Cajun Bites...

Skillet Fry in 1-1/2” of oil, or Deep Fry at 350°F for 3 minutes or until Golden Brown, with a steam..


Cajun Grocer Crawfish Spring Rolls

Cajun Grocer Crawfish Spring Rolls...

DESCRIPTION: CAJUNGROCER Crawfish Spring Rolls.   Unit Size: 10 (2 oz. Rolls)   Cooking Instruct..


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