Ole Homestead - Orange Pepper Jelly

Ole Homestead - Orange Pepper Jelly...

Orange Pepper Jelly..


Ole Homestead - Pineapple Marmalade

Ole Homestead - Pineapple Marmalade...

This one is for all those who love pineapple. I am one of those. It has only pineapple and pineapple..


Ole Homestead Garlic Jelly

Ole Homestead Garlic Jelly...

This is in the pepper category, but it is not hot. It is great used to mix with cream cheese and mak..


Ole Homestead - Blackberry Pepper Jelly

Ole Homestead - Blackberry Pepper Jelly...

We make a lot of our jellies with wild fruits and berries that grow here in our state of Louisiana. ..


Ole Homestead - Tomato Pepper Jelly

Ole Homestead - Tomato Pepper Jelly...

This is a hot one, and naturally a red color. It is wonderful served over the cream cheese, but bett..


Ole Homestead - Peach Jelly

Ole Homestead - Peach Jelly...

Deliciously fresh peachy taste, made from fresh, frozen peaches. We gather these ourselves, clean, a..


Ponchatoula Pepper Jelly

Ponchatoula Pepper Jelly...

Ponchatoula Pepper Company Pepper JellyThese pleasant pepper jellies are made with quality, natural ..


Ponchatoula Pepper Company Candied Jalapenos 8.5 oz.

Ponchatoula Pepper Company Candied Jalap...

Ponchatoula Pepper Company Candied JalapenosCandied Jalapeno PeppersOur products always begin with f..

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