King Cake

Even if you’ve never visited New Orleans or celebrated Mardi Gras, you’ve likely heard of Mardi Gras King Cakes. New Orleans King Cakes are a traditional delicacy, a cross between coffee cake and classic French pastries that are usually served to start on the twelfth night after Christmas, celebrating the wise men who bore gifts to the newborn Christ. proudly offers two delicious styles that are sure to leave you, your loved ones, and friends craving more. Explore our delicious and colorful selection of King Cakes that are sure to make your mouth water at any celebration or special gathering. Why wait for Mardi Gras? Order a King Cake, Special order your favorite Louisiana dessert today! 

The first type we offer is a popular Mardi Gras recipe with our signature, fresh brioche dough. The dough is formed into a ring and then filled with your choice of cream cheese, fruits, nuts, or a combination of fillings. The cake is then baked to a golden hue and covered with our homemade icing and colored sugar in purple, green, and gold hues. This magical cake is then packaged with Mardi Gras beads and the beloved plastic baby that’s inserted before serving for a hidden surprise.

The second type of King Cake we offer is a traditional French recipe, also known as La Galette des Rois. This round puff pastry is filled with delectable almond marzipan, a divine confection consisting of sugar or honey and ground almonds. This cake variety should be heated in the oven and served warm or with coffee, for a delightful breakfast treat, no one will ever forget.

These sinfully delicious Mardi Gras King cakes are aptly named for the biblical kings that visited the Christ Child and are popularly served throughout the entire season of Mardi Gras. Throw your own King Cake carnival party. Looking for celebratory supplies? We also offer Mardi Gras beads, napkins, paper cups, plates, and all the accessories you need to throw an authentic and festive celebration. If you have any questions about our selection or our recipes, feel free to contact a member of our team today for further assistance. Order King Cake Today - King Cake delivery is provided next day via FedEx Express.

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