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Most people think of Cajun food as being extremely spicy, blackened foods. This couldnt be further from the truth. True Cajun style cooking utilizes fresh, quality ingredients paired to create complementary flavors without the need for lots of seasoning. Our selection of Louisiana specialties ties in the flavors of Cajun cuisine to deliver tasty treats for lunch, dinner, or any special occasion. Looking for traditional Cajun delights? We offer gulf shrimp, fresh sausage, gumbos, and stuffed breads. Looking for something a little out of the ordinary and adventurous? We also offer alligator, jambalaya, boudin, étouffée, and live crawfish. Explore our inventory today to take your taste buds for a tour!

Our rich selection of Cajun food includes pork sausages, smoked venison, French bread, signature sauces, and so much more. Our fresh ingredients include USDA pork, ground, seasoned, marinated, stuffed in sausage casing, and hickory-smoked to perfection. These party favorites are perfect for barbecues or when incorporated into classic Louisiana dishes such as red beans and rice, jambalaya, pasta, soups, or stews. Just heat and serve with a toothpick. We make party planning and hosting as easy as can be.

For those flavor aficionados and woodsmen who love the taste of wild game, we offer hickory-smoked pork sausage with deer meat and Cajun seasonings that are sure to make venison one of your favorite culinary treats. Another staple of Cajun cuisine is the po’ boy, a sandwich made with either meats or fried seafood. We proudly offer Pouparts French baked sandwich loaves, each up to 10 inches in length. We ship each bread order with dry ice to keep it fresh.  There are no preservatives, so you must either freeze your bread upon arrival or eat it within three days.

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Oak Grove Smokehouse Creole Jambalaya Mix 7.9 oz Pack of 24

Oak Grove Smokehouse Creole Jambalaya Mi...

Oak Grove Creole Jambalaya Mix Pack of 24Rice, seafood and seasonings repeatedly appear in the foods..

$4824 $6432 -25%

Cookin' Cajun Jambalaya Mix 8.2 oz

Cookin' Cajun Jambalaya Mix 8.2 oz...

Enjoy classic New Orleans jambalaya in a breezeAre you craving for some delicious jambalaya but don'..

$477 $530 -10%

Carroll Shelby's Birria Taco Seasoning 1 oz

Carroll Shelby's Birria Taco Seasoning 1...

Carroll Shelby's Birria Taco Seasoning (1 oz) – The Ultimate Flavor Boost for Your Tacos and Nachos ..

$199 $258 -23%

Gator Pickled Green Tomato Chunks

Gator Pickled Green Tomato Chunks...

Experience the Unique Taste of Pickled Green Tomato Chunks Our Pickled Green Tomato Chunks are a de..

$776 $862 -10%

Creative Cajun Cooking Jambalaya Pastalaya & Dirty Rice

Creative Cajun Cooking Jambalaya Pastala...

Creative Cajun Cooking Jambalaya Pastalaya & Dirty Rice 2 packs in each boxA Trio of Cajun Delig..

$547 $608 -10%

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