Ready-to-Cook Cajun Seafood

Seafood lovers, call off the search. is your exclusive online source for ready-to-cook Cajun seafood, and our selection is currently packed with mouthwatering morsels you can easily make right at home. Our merchandisers are constantly adding new products so you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood and shellfish to suit any mood or taste. Explore our inventory today to find all your favorite coastal delicacies. We carry whole oysters, catfish fillets, bisques, gumbos, and so much more, all in stock and ready to ship straight to your door.


Our selection of prepared seafood includes an array of quick-cook entrees, so you can save time and energy without sacrificing all the authentic flavor you can only find in Louisiana. Our miniature shrimp and crawfish pies are filled with a medley of meat, rice, vegetables, and select spices. Just deep fry or bake until the crust is golden brown.


In addition to prepared Cajun seafood, we also offer a wide variety of appetizers for gatherings or anytime snacking. Pistolettes, stuffed breads, and pies are essential to our classic cuisine, and we prepare ours with the freshest meats and seafood available. Our prepared seafood selection includes pies, soups, fillets, and tasty bites for any kind of occasion. You’ve never tried a Louisiana delicacy as savory as our gator balls or Cajun bites. Each gator ball is filled with a fresh alligator meat that has been sautéed with vegetables and lightly battered with panko crumbs.


Native Louisianans believe crab cakes are a delicacy fit for any occasion. Our Cajun crab cakes are perfect as an appetizer. For best results, we recommend pan sautéing, broiling, or baking, but we are confident they will taste delicious however you choose to prepare them. We upped the ante by adding Japanese bread crumbs and a few select seasonings to create a tantalizing experience with every bittersweet bite.


Not in a hurry? Select ground shipping and save! Browse our inventory today to stock up on ready-to-cook Cajun seafood for midweek meals or special occasions. If you have any questions about our prepared Cajun seafood selection or need help finding a specific product, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives today for further assistance.


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