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Louisiana leads the nation in production of both hard and soft-shell crabs. Even if you’ve enjoyed crab on the East Coast, chances are it’s from Louisiana. CajunGrocer.com is regarded as one of the most credible e-tailers by the Wall St. Journal, and our shipping rates are the lowest when it comes to shipping perishable foods! Our selection of crab meat offers everything you need to enjoy the tastes of the coastline in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re preparing crab cakes as a tasty appetizer or your taste buds are begging for some succulent crab legs, we have you covered. Explore our inventory today and stock up on all the seafood delights your kitchen is missing.

As one of the leading suppliers of live crabs on the Atlantic coast market, Louisiana is the authority on a wide range of specialty crab dishes and seafood delicacies. Our selection of crab meat includes jumbo lump crab, backfin meat, claw meat, crab fingers, puree, whole hard or soft-shell crabs, and even crab burgers. By exploring our inventory, you can devise a scrumptious recipe for each night of the week! One undeniable bestseller is our Louisiana lump blue crab. Enjoy incorporating chunks of white meat, the most prized part of the crab, into elegant dishes. You can also easily make nachos as a mouthwatering movie night snack, dips for parties, crab omelets for hearty breakfasts, or fusion meals flecked with exciting coastal flavors.

Crab meat boasts a softer texture than lobster and carries a subtle sweetness with a hint of brine in every bite. We proudly offer claw meat processed from wild-caught blue crabs off the coast of Louisiana, which you can marinate in your favorite lemon or butter-Worcester blend. Our already marinated alternative uses a Creole-Italian based dressing that’s full of flavor but not too spicy. Looking to make a hearty soup for colder nights or easy meals? We offer frozen blue crab that’s ready for your favorite gumbo recipe.

We carry the largest selection of Cajun and Creole foods so you can enjoy the savor of the Gulf Coast without stepping a foot outside your front door. Explore our delectable selection of crab meat today! If you have any questions or need help finding a specific product, please contact us for further assistance.

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